Website Hacked? We can Help!

We will get you back online, update all website software and secure your site.

Websites built on extremely popular website platforms like Wordpress™ or Drupal™ are targets for malicious activity. If you've been hacked, you're not alone! A hacked website will hurt your reputation, your site's revenue and even lead to your customer's data being breached. Search engines will penalize and likely ban your site when they detect the hack. Hacked websites can also send large amounts of spam causing your emails to be blacklisted.

Here's how Silver Barrel can Help

Now that your back online, consider a Maintenance Plan

The single biggest cause of a compromised website is out of date software. Modern, dynamic websites require regular software updates to ensure adequate security and optimal performance. Once we've fixed your site, we strongly recommend that you subscribe to one of our maintenance plans to keep your site safe and secure.

*Paid or customized modules or themes may require additional costs.