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7 Things You Believe About SEO That Are Not True
While this list could be longer, here are some of the common misunderstandings I see amongst our clients when it comes to SEO.

Simple Tips To Set The Stage For Local SEO In 2015
After Google's most recent local algorithm update, the rules have changed for local SEO. Columnist Greg Gifford discusses how you can do well in local search in 2015.

Apple iOS bug makes most devices vulnerable to attack: Researchers
Cybersecurity researchers have warned that a bug in Apple Inc's iOS operating system makes most iPhones and iPads vulnerable to cyber attacks by hackers seeking access to sensitive data and control of their devices.

The psychology of Web design: How colors, typefaces and spacing affect your mood
A great website design is so much more than just delivering content and making it look good. When visitors come to your site, they produce a set of feelings about your website and your organization. 

Apple’s iMac with 5K Retina Display leapfrogs the PC market
Apple's latest iMac is arguably the most visually striking personal computer it has ever shipped. Maintaining the same ultra-slim all-in-one dimensions of the model it replaces, it now features a new 27-inch 5K Retina Display with an unprecedented 5120 by 2880 pixel resolution.

How to Effectively Choose Your SEO Keywords?
Choosing the best of the keywords for your site is as important as actually having a website. Google has been credited to be driving 25 billion dollars yearly revenue focusing just on this sector alone.

100 Best Business Tips for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses
If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s important that you love your business; after all you have the freedom and opportunity to make it what you want!

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